Judaism is one of the renowned religions of the world. There are a lot of concepts that are attributed to the religion and among the concepts that most people in the world believe there are also a lot of myths and things that aren’t true and the ones that aren’t actually practised by the followers of the religions. So here we are breaking some of such myths and see 6 important things that we probably didn’t know about the religion.

 Things you didn't know about Judaism

Judaism is not a religion:

Yes, you read it right. Judaism, though is widely accepted as a religion, doesn’t endorse itself as a religion, but a rulebook that people have to follow. I would rather call it as a way of living than a religion that people follow. It is simply about leading a good life and not doctrines or set of rules that you follow periodically.

Jews aren’t the chosen ones:

Jews are the chosen ones. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that still exist even as a part of the Christian or that is what we understand if I have to put it right. However, the truth seems to be a little different. The Jews are not the chosen ones just because Jesus was a Jew. The best part of Jews being called as the chosen ones is not something even the Jews believe. Their doctrines and religious records also do not address them as the chosen people.


Koshar, as many people think, does not stand for blessed by the rabbi. Just like other people have religious practices of reciting prayers, the Jews also have a practice of reciting meals before every meal, and that is what they call as Kosher, and that is what they call the blessed meal.


Torah is the holy book of Judaism. To simply say, it is the Bible of Judaism. The Torah is very much similar to Bible or more specifically the Old Testament part of it. We all know that Jews did not accept Jesus Christ as the Son of Man, but a prophet though. This is the reason they do not concur a lot with the principles of New Testament and do not acknowledge it as a part of their holy scripture. With the change in names, the Torah is as same as the Old Testament of the Bible.

Conversion is not quite easy:

Just like other religions you can get yourself converted and follow Judaism as well, no matter to what faith you belong earlier. However, it is not as simple as you think. In order to get yourself converted, it is not enough if you understand Judaism but make it a point to know it but should also live it.


Chanukah, as most people believe, is the Christmas kind of festival that is celebrated in the coldest month of the year in Judea and other nearby places. However, it is not a festival that remembers the birth of Christ. It is a festival that is celebrated in memory of the religious freedom that people gained and the new light that they found everywhere in the corners of Judea. This is what the Chanukah festival represents.