Religion is one factor that influences everybody to a greater extent. All over the world, there are a lot of religions, and the rate of practice and the number of followers vary from one religion to the other. While some of the religions are widely practised, some of the religions are not even recognised as one. Apart from the believers, there are non-believers as well. So here we are going to see the most widely practised religions across the world.

most Widely-Practised Religions


Christianity is the widely practised religion in the world. While the Asian and a few parts of the European continents have other major religious practices, at the international forum this religion dominates. Christianity found a strong base after the arrival of Jesus Christ. Early the Jews and the Israelites had similar laws, and they had followed the concept of Yahveh, the one true God. After this came the birth and life of Jesus Christ, which led to the foundation of the religion. Now there are almost 2.5 Billion followers all over the world.


After Christianity, the widely followed religion across the world is Islam. If we try to trace back the history of the roots of the religion, it takes the same base as that of Christianity. Islam and Christianity are the same religion that took different paths in the course and since then has been two different religions with different religious practices. Even a major sectors of Muslims accept Jesus Christ as a prophet.


Though Hinduism is not spread across the world and is restricted fewer regions of the world, it still manages to top the list and take the third place out of the thousands of religions in the world. Hinduism is a major religion in India and is considered as one of the oldest as well. Most of the legends and histories that are a part of the religion are believed to have taken place in India, and it wouldn’t be unworthy if I call it an Indian History that later spread to in and around the parts of the country.

Chinese Folk Religion:

If you have been expecting names like Judaism, Sikhism or Jainism, you have gone wrong, because the next religion on the list of top 5 is the Chinese Folk religion or otherwise called the traditional religion that prevails in major parts of China. There is also one more strong reason as to why this religion is a part of the list. China occupies the top position in population, and Chinese traditional religion is the majorly practised religion that justifies the fact that it is one of the major religions of the world.


A lot of interesting facts are attributed to the spread of this religion.  The founder of the religion was Buddha, an Indian king who renounced all his wealth and happiness so that he will find true inner peace and happiness. The doctrines and the principles of the religion are more of a rulebook to true happiness than devotional strategies. This inspired a lot of people to follow this religion.