Atari, that company which introduced us to the concept of using our TVs for playing games like Pong, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong back in the early ‘80s has resurfaced. And this time around, the company is introducing a wearable band.

There’s still not much information on what this product will do, but from what their chief marketing executives say, it will let you play classic Atari titles on any PC without having to go through all that pain of installing games. They have nonetheless got the online community talking with their little teaser which was dropped for public consumption a week earlier.

Atari have teamed up with the Gameband makers who previously made a similar wearable for Minecraft. So, it looks like the once god of videogames is making a good comeback. Let’s wait and watch how this pans out, but even if they can offer those golden classics without the touchups, that should be an amazing achievement in itself.