This is a section dedicated to yesteryear games and all train of thought regarding them. Good, bad or just plain indifferent, if we’ve played it and have something…anything to say about it, you can find it in here.

IGI 1 & 2 – It Was Like Living An Spy Action Movie

Project IGI wasn’t the first first-person-shooter we played, but it was the first to let us live through the spy action drama vicariously. The gameplay with its rich choice of weaponry in movie-like yet tangible settings was something we had never experienced before on the ...
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Collin McRae Rally 2005 – The Game That Got Us Watching Rally For The First Time

First off, we didn’t know who Collin McRae was, and this was even after having played the game for hours, taking turns trying to get the best lap times in career mode. It was also the first time that we took interest in a driving ...
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