Great news for PC gamers, because Windows 10 plans to launch its new Game Mode in its upcoming build versions. Microsoft recently announced that they are going to revamp the way Windows 10 looks at gaming with the Game Mode.

After the feature update, the load time for games is not going to be affected much, but the overall resource allocation in terms of memory, diskspace, bandwidth etc will automatically be optimized to give a game that’s running at the time first priority over other applications. This is a major move by Microsoft away from its previous stand, where it primarily looked at being an application-friendly OS.

This feature is also something that has evolved out of their learning experiences with Xbox One. As a gaming console, the Xbox One does do a lot of optimization between play time, streaming, and other video downloads on the side.

There is also the new live capture and stream feature that Windows 10 looks to unleash with the Game Mode. All in all, if Microsoft comes good on half of what is being speculated, then the Game Mode shall forever change the way the OS will be viewed going forward by the PC gaming community.